Featured Project: Various Projects for COTA




Client: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

COTA Near East Transit Center - Dynamix Engineering provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for this new 12,000 SF 2-story facility. The first floor contains approximately 4,000 SF of lease tenant space; 600 SF lobby space, 400 SF for COTA office space and 1,000 SF for elevator, machine room, restrooms and stairs. The second floor contains approximately 4,000 SF of tenant space, with 1,000 SF for elevator, stairs and restrooms. The project also includes an on-site parking lot.

Dynamix provided a complete facility assessment of the Fields Avenue and McKinley Avenue facilities. Dynamix evaluated the HVAC, electrical power distribution, telephone, fire protection, plumbing, clock, time-clock, cable television and paging systems. A detailed report was provided to COTA to document the findings.

Fields & McKinley Avenue Assessments - Areas assessed in the Fields Avenue facility were the lighting, heating and cooling plants, administrative offices, lunchroom, foreman & clerk area, facilities maintenance office, Money Room & Office, and the Computer Room. As a direct result of the lighting study, the lighting in the facility was renovated. and upgraded

Areas and equipment assessed in the McKinley Avenue facility were the Transportation Area, Office Air Handling Unit, Second Floor Area Mammoth Rooftop Unit, Main Entrance / Lobby HVAC System, Bus Storage Area, Computer Room HVAC System and the Storage Rooms located in the Bus Storage Area HVAC System.

Fields Avenue Commissioning - Dynamix Engineering is serving as commissioning agent to evaluate COTA’s new Field Avenue facility systems. Dynamix is performing field pre-functional and functional commissioning inspections for the HVAC and HVAC controls, lighting and daylighting controls, renewable energy systems and domestic hot water systems. The firm will also assist in providing a 10-month post-occupancy commissioning review of all commissioned systems.


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