Energy Services

Energy Services Dynamix Engineering specializes in Energy Conservation Project consulting, and due to the experience, size, and diversified knowledge of our staff, we are able to provide all energy audit, planning, design, and management services in-house.

We leverage our partnerships with industry professionals to ensure that a holistic solution is developed that includes lighting systems, alternative energies, building envelope, sustainable design strategies, building automation systems (BAS) and innovative mechanical system technologies. Many of these systems are common to buildings seeking LEED® certification from the US Green Buildings Council, and Dynamix has been using the USGBC® rating plan since before it was considered the standard.

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We have more than 20 LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff, all of whom are experienced in energy savings solutions and thoroughly knowledgeable about the LEED® certification process.



Full Energy Auditing

Dynamix Engineers utilize a wide variety of leading-edge assessment tools such as eQuest for energy modeling, AGI32 for Daylight Modeling and Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM). We also have a customized web portal for rapid/secure communication of project information and employ current technologies that allow us to meet face to face anytime, virtually.

In addition, we also guide our clients through a customized process that facilitates decision-making and allows the team to justify the merits of a chosen direction to their peers. This process is an interactive session that weighs variables, opportunities, and challenges in an easy to understand graphical format that assists the team in making the best decision according the project goal.

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